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Prizren is a historic city located Kosovo.Prizren’s old name is Tharanda,and it was mentioned in  Ptolemy's Geography in the 2nd century AD. 

Lidhja e Prizrenit / The albanian league of Prizren:

The league of Prizren is the first Albanian nationalist organization. Formed on July 1, 1878, the league, tried to influence the Congress of Berlin, which threatened to partition Albania and transfer some of its districts to Montenegro,Serbia, and Greece. Unsuccessful in its appeals to the congress, the league used military force to prevent Montenegro from annexing the northern Albanian districts assigned to it (February 1879 and April 1880); the league also forced the area acquired by Greece to be reduced (1881).

The league of Prizren was crushed by Turkish army on May 1881. 

The building was burnt by serbian army in 27th of March,1999,during the ethnic cleansing of albanians in Kosovo.However the object of the league was rebuilt.

It remains a symbol of resistance to Albanians.

Important places in Prizren:

  • The fortress of Prizren
  • Old Stone Bridge
  • Shadërvan
  • Gazi Mehmet Pasha Hamam
  • Tannery of Prizren

A legend says that if you drink water from Shadërvan,you will be sure to come back.

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I have this idea
where the albanians make a center in every country they’re in. And there, we can have language programs to teach Albanian to the new generation, assistance programs for people who just moved to the country, valle classes so the next generation knows our dances and our music,…

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